The water color Tiger Painting

The Tiger Painting with the mountain and waterfall background as per requested by the client.

 The progress of the painting using water color

 The final Masterpiece

Hero Assemble

This is a freelance gig i edited for Kingsmen for their 'movie' themed event=)

Blood Reunion- book cover digital illustration

I was commissioned again by MPH Publishing to paint this sequel to The Bomoh's Apprentice.^^

In my opinion, I prefer this version. The painting was finished in my mind but the editor wanted to include (at the last possible minute) the pontianak character.

The end result is somewhat cluttered.. *see the next pic*

see what i mean?

The finished cover!

*I deliberately pushed up the brightness because printers always get the final printed book darker than i intended.*

Zombie Terrors Review 2

Would u believe it? my short story 'The Jiang Shi' just became a controversial point of discussion~a critic said that i 'may' have been trying to make a political point about the relationship between the United States and China~ ;)

Check out the link HERE

Here is what the reviewer say :-

A few of my favorite stories from “Zombie Terrors” are “Feast”, “Hate”, “The Jiang Shi” and “Prey”.

“The Jiang Shi” made me think that the author may have been trying to make a political point about the relationship between the United States and China. But I don’t know that for sure. Let’s just say that an american ventures to China to satiate his curiosity. We all know what happened to the cat, right?

Zombie Terrors Review

A review by Wildside Cinema on Zombie Terrors. The critic on the comic short story I did:"The stories I found exceptionally cool were...and John Ho’s “The Jiang Shi,” a curious journalist seeks out the very thing that may damn him. From a cult cinema geek’s perspective, it was cooler than a barrel of monkeys and midgets to see a comic feature Jiang Shi and...C’mon, hopping ghosts and undead templars? Win…win."=)

Here is the link :- WILDSIDECIMEMA

Special MTV Video Premiere ~*song by Lam Fung

My first attempt at film directing!=)
This Music Video was created as a teaching aid to inspire Interactive Multimedia students to shoot and edit an original MTV Music Video based on a song of their own choice! The location of this MTV was mainly shot at PJ8 building and PJCAD… can you spot anything familiar?

Zombie Terrors - Color Version

The finished artwork~ pencilled and inked by me & brilliantly colored by Santosh Kumar Rath!

Zombie Terrors - My 1st international comic break!

A 2-years in the making project. The Jiang Shi, a 8pg short story I wrote and illustrated is featured in the Zombie Terrors Anthology scheduled for release Halloween 2010!

Sketches @ Smokehouse, Frasers Hill.

Just some sketches I did during my recent getaway to Frasers Hill. The first is drawn from a book of castles in Scotland. The latter was a life drawing of a room that reminded me of an english greenhouse. Just for fun, I added the portrait of Whistler with Hat and some other additions to transform the room into my dream studio!